Ottoline Calmeijer Meijburg works as physical theatremaker, director and performer. Her work is driven by the desire to make practices of care, consent, and failure tangible and make a hopeful understanding of these practices possible in a society where individualism reigns the day. She is inspired by the work and lives of queer femininities across the globe, as well as by the way her friends live their lives and do what they do and her pieces are often an ode to friendship in one way or another. Her aesthetic and methods are still very much evolving but can for the time being be summed up as moments of extreme theatricality meeting the limits and possibilities of the physical body meeting trashy material and popular-culture-inspired imagery. Her current artistic research focuses on jukeboxes, sex work, and the joy of losing yourself in a game. 


Ottoline grew up in The Netherlands and South Africa, and is now situated in Germany. She studied Liberal Arts (with a focus on feminist theory, sociology and postcolonial theory) at University College Maastricht and is currently finishing her Physical Theatre diploma at the Folkwang University of Arts, Essen. 

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