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I facilitate the following workshops:

Intro to Physical Theatre

Performance Improvisation 

Singing on Stage 


I have experience working with children as well as with adults, both with and without disabilities.  I give music and performance workshops together with the Starlab team at least once a year,  for more information on those specific workshops click here.

I also offer theme or occasion specific workshops, combining the tools and knowledge I have to meet the needs of an organisor. Examples of workshops I gave to suit a specific event or festival are:

How to Create Your Own Drag Performance

Performance Making and Politics

Clowning Around in the Museum

Drag Somatics

If you are looking for a workshop facilitator please send an email to the address listed here

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Folkwang University of Arts Essen

Since  2022 I teach 'Singing and Performance' in the Physical Theatre department at Folkwang University of Arts, Essen. My classes are mostly one-on-one with students, and a group module once a year.  The main research in this module is connecting the body and breath to music, and using song as a storytelling tool.

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