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Our Work


On this page you can find all of the larger projects I have co-created or have been involved with as a performer. For a full video of any of these performances please contact me.

WACHT - 21-01-2023 1st batch_High Res_Melanie Lemahieu (31).jpg



21 & 22 jan 2023
31 maart & 1 april 2023
ZIMIHIC Wittevrouwen Utrecht


Concept and artistic direction: Liza Slootman en Storm Vogel

Choreography and outside eye: Otto Calmeijer Meijburg
Text: Storm Vogel and the performers
Production: Klara Beetz
Photography: Rox Klijn & Melanie Lemahieu
Poster design: Dexter Boldewijn



WACHT is performed by 17 trans and genderqueer young people ages 10 to 19.


WACHT is a performance about waiting. Waiting for others to be yourself, waiting for different times. Waiting to grow and become bigger. Waiting to grow up, waiting for what comes next, when you are an adult. When you get to decide for yourself. Waiting for permission. Who waits and who decides who waits? Who has the power to make you wait? Is waiting always necessary? And what do you do while you wait? 

WACHT is a performance about the urge to shorten the waiting time. About the life that grows while waiting, to begin what comes when the waiting is over.


In partnership with ZIMIHIC Utrecht. 

Funded by VSB Fonds 

Starnight: inclusive Disco series

Artistic direction: Otto Calmeijer Meijburg, Marius Lambertz, Filu (Hannah) Sampé 


The inclusive disco project ‘Starnight’ brings together queer party culture, disabled communities, and performance interventions. It originated from a joint desire to introduce the queer party scene of our own free time, to the disabled communities and scenes, that we have gotten to know through personal ties and our work with STARLAB. 


This disco series was a beautiful experiment (and starting point!) of mering different people of all ages, abilities, and gender expressions. 


Location: KU Köln: Raum für Queere Dominanz 

Funded by  Neustart Kultur Fonds Darstellende Künste, Fonds Soziokultur, Profil Soziokultur 


De Staat van de Mol

Part 1

Performed during the Land Art Festival 2022 


Concept & Performance: Otto Calmeijer Meijburg

Concept & Installation: Studio Berkveldt 


A site specific research as part of Flevolab ‘New Makers’ track. This lab connects artists from different disciplines and proposes an artistic research in the Dutch province ‘Flevoland’.


Flevoland, once the Zuiderzee but now an Aardzee. The mole came with the sand used to build the dikes and conquered the province at three kilometers per year. A very important animal for biodiversity but unwanted by many. Otto Calmeijer Meijburg and Studio Berkveldt examine the province through the eyes of this extraordinary animal, exposing the underground structures of the new land. In a site-specific investigation facilitated by the Flevolab New Makers trajectory, the two artists will experiment with installation, projection and sound, asking the audience to engage their own bodies and all their senses.


Funded and facilitated by Flevolab

The Hex Pistols


January 2022 Zeitmaul Theater Bochum

Favoriten Festival 2022 Theater im Depot Dortmund

December 2022 Theater im Depot Dortmund


Artistic direction: Laura Pföhler & Jolanda Uhlig

Performance: Otto Calmeijer Meijburg, Yasmin Fahbod, Maren Becker  

Photographs by Jolanda Uhlig & Heiwa Wong 

STERNA PAU Production

Three witches in a punk band. This piece moves between concert and theatre, exploring DIY music making and tracing the history of witchcraft back to our lineages, our stories, and our fights. The performers share their self written music and move between places of biography and fiction in order to end up where they are today: on this stage, performing in front of you.

Funded by NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste, Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, Kulturbüro, Stadt Dortmund, Stadt Bochum

photo_2022-05-18 12.24.00.jpeg

Dangerous Bodies

A research residency as part of the Full Spin Physical Theatre Festival 2021. 

Is the body dangerous? Where does danger live inside your body? And how to access it through movement? 

A conversation between dance and writing with author and performer Storm Vogel, musician and disability rights activist Mira Thompson, ex-pastor Synco Meyburg, and myself. 

This video is partly in German. 

Im Rampenlicht


September 2021 Kulturbunker Köln Mülheim 

March 2022 Cheers for Fears Festival tanzhaus nrw

April 2022 Theater am Schlachthof Neuss


Artistic direction: Otto Calmeijer Meijburg & Filu (Hannah) Sampé

With: Johanna von Schönenfeld, Marius Lambertz, Marieke Werner, Jonas Sampé

Poster design: Hildegard Oehler

Photography: Silviu Guiman

A STARLAB production


Who does the stage belong to? Why do so many dream of fame? What would I say or do if I was suddenly on a large stage? Would I have something to say? Why is it sometimes so difficult to show yourself, and how do we want to be seen by others? Why are we always performing for others and when do we take a break? 


And what role does music play in all this? 
In 'Im Rampenlicht' four performers ask themselves  these and many other questions. While singing, improvising spoken word performances, dancing, acting and playing instruments they explore the spaces between dream and reality. They take the stage, just for tonight. 

​Funded by Neustart Kultur Fonds Darstellende Künste #Take Action, Wiederaufnahme Förderung Fonds Darstellende Künste